Lowering cholesterol

Lowering cholesterol without drugs

By Betty Dickinson

Ionia, MI- Thanks to John Sturgis of Belding for sharing information that has helped him to control his cholesterol problem. He said, “ A doctor wanted him to start taking Lipitor and after checking on its side affect I decided to try a more natural way.” He choose a DO from Belding that said he would help and keep track of my blood work. The doctor related that Germany and China had good results with the following.  He started out with 6,000mg of vitamin C taken during the day to add up to this amount, and three or four-vitamin B complex taken during the day. After three months here are the changes.

Health columnist Betty Dickinson

Health columnist Betty Dickinson

In March when having blood work it was found that his

Cholesterol was 232                            Three months later July is 230

HDL was 37                                                                                                                                  44

Ratio was 6.3                                                                                                                                5.2

Triglycerides 425                                                              251

Not a lot of difference except with triglycerides, which were exceptional high and important to get down with the effect of clogging the veins.  The doctor was happy with the results so far, but  added fish oil containing omega 3 taken according to bottle label and has blood work scheduled in three months keeping tract of the progress. We will keep you informed in December.


John related he had been studying my book, Creating a Healthy Corner, and had corrected high blood pressure naturally and years ago had a herniated disk and “ooped” out surgery correcting it with physical therapy.


This was an interesting quotation that John shared:

“It’s easy to make a buck, but it is tough to make a difference.”

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