Hastings woman infected with COVID-19 implores people to stay quarantined

Hundley: Do not be selfish 

By Emma Palova

Read about Tori Ann Hundley,27, of Hastings who has been struggling with COVID-19 for the last month. Hundley has been in and out between two hospitals, in Hastings and Spectrum in Grand Rapids.


International Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day


Happy Women’s Day

I have fond memories of this event aka MDZ from former Czechoslovakia. On this day in history, we received flowers and/or pantyhose to celebrate our womanhood. The celebration mainly honored women as mothers and workers for the common good. It felt good to be recognized for something that is natural to all women in the world.

The Inspiring Women series is dedicated to all the women around the globe for their day to day efforts.

Inspiring Women- Carol Briggs

Person of the Year inspires and motivates others to get things done

“Whether I work
with two or 10 people, I like to share the success, and not to solely own it.
It takes a myriad of people and networking effort.”

Carol Briggs

Emma Palova

Emma’s Writings

MI – If you want to get things done, just ask Carol Briggs.

Lowell Area Chamber…

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Happy New Year 2019

Welcome 2019, farewell 2018

Let it be a good and healthy one with strong focus on the present moment energy.

Leaving the past behind, I move forward faster. All the emotional baggage is gone. It dissipated with yesterday’s snow.

My focus in 2019:

I want to live a wholesome balanced life, filled with the now and the new.

I will continue to meditate daily with yoga practice. I will continue with Spanish classes.

To keep me on track physically, I use the app Lose It. It calculates my daily calorie intake.

I am also a personal trainer for my husband. It keeps us both on track.

I start the morning with Greek yogurt, rolled oats and fresh fruits. Yogurt contains probiotics that help get rid of visceral fat around the belly.

Other visceral fat dissolvers include: artichokes, salmon, broccoli.

I leave lunch open to all possibilities; from salads to soups. No bread please.

For dinner we have fish or chicken with vegetables as a side.

I cook everything on olive oil, and use only lite dressings.

I try to get carbohydrates from veggies only. I eliminate pasta, bread or potatoes. I use rice and ancient grains like quinoa as sides in small amounts.

My favorite spices are oregano, basil and turmeric.

I drink tea and kombucha.

These are the basics of Mediterranean diet and cuisine.

It works for a lifetime not just through January.


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Happiness comes from creating new things

Happiness and joy come from creating new things and from the zest of doing it.


“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Lowell, MI- I love this quote because it is so true. Yesterday, I completed a brand new mobile app on Swiftic for a client. It took me a long time as the app development companies kept changing.

Once I figured out the last feature, I was ecstatic. It’s a top notch app with eye-catching push notifications and more than 20 features such as loyalty and scratch cards, and catalogs.

I had that same feeling of joy when I uploaded my book “Shifting Sands Short Stories ” to the publisher last year.

I feel happiness today as Ludek and I are about to head out to Mackinac Island to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

Yes, it’s the same place where Universal Pictures filmed “Somewhere in Time” with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour.

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Happy International Women’s Day

#PressforProgress for gender parity starting today on International Women’s Day.


This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) campaign theme is #PressforProgress which calls for action to press forward and progress gender parity.

Now, more than ever it takes on a new meaning in light of the recent events not just exclusive to Hollywood and the politicians.

The campaign gives us five options of positive behaviours toward gender equality starting with maintaining a gender parity mindset all the way to celebrating women’s achievements.

I have chosen all five. But long before this campaign I had the positive influence of celebrating womanhood in the old country.  The socialist government encouraged the celebration of IWD.

One of my favorite memories from the former socialist Czechoslovakia is the celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD), both at work and at home.

The country very much valued its female population to the point that women could stay on a maternity leave for up to three years…

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A Vacation Away From Anxiety

Thank you for sharing this enlightening info.
I find these tips how to fight anxiety very useful. I can add a few anxiety hacks of my own:
Yoga and meditation
Be or act oblivious to other people’s attitudes that do not reflect your own beliefs, yet be open to constant improvement and growth.
Set your expectations at a manageable level.
I find writing a very effective method against anxiety.

Predestined Journey

Anxiety is an energy we can all relate to in some form of fashion. Even if you haven’t been medically diagnosed with anxiety there’s a chance you could have Woman Standing On Beachsome sort of ties with this energy. The reason anxiety has such a strong hold on our society is because we’ve fixed ourselves to believe it takes medical treatment to rid this energy. However as divine human beings we have the ability to control anxiety. Anxiety has caused depression, lack of motivation in the generations, oppression, and has also led to the thought and act of self harm and suicide. In this segment I’m going to teach you a few anxiety hacks and assist you on your journey to that vacation away from anxiety.

perception3My Perception. . .

I tend to visualize anxiety as that feeling you get right before the big drop on a roller coaster. If you’ve ever ridden…

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Inspired by philanthropy

A gift of health for Christmas.


Christmas gift of health inspires

Going to a hospital is never easy. We’ve all been there during our lifetime at least once when we were born. Last Friday, I accompanied my lifelong partner Ludek to Metro Health for left heart catheterization with possible intervention at the Metro Hospital in Wyoming.

I was actually the designated driver on this trip. We packed our bags, because we didn’t know if we were going to stay overnight depending on the outcome of the procedure. The sarcastic locals dub Metro as Hotel 6 since it sits directly on freeway M-6.

Cardiac catheterization is a procedure used to diagnose and treat cardiovascular conditions.  The doctor inserts  a long thin tube called a catheter in an artery or vein in the wrist, neck or groin and threads it through the bloods vessels to the heart.

It was a follow-up to the echo stress test that showed…

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May is for morels

Mushroom hunting in May.


Morels draw hunters into the flowering woods

By Brad Wade

Lowell, MI – Are you ready? It’s almost that time of year again. Some of you are already excited just by the photos on this page. Your eyes widen, your pulse quickens and you begin to find yourself constantly thinking about that elusive little mushroom that has the potential to drive many of us mad. Mad with a passion that burns from within.

Ah yes. It’s the morel mushroom.

Flowers in the woods

The dreary winter blues and long, dark nights are a thing of the past. Soon the deep, dense floor of our Michigan forests will start to spring forth with life! Daffodils, tulips, and day lilies will soon begin emerging from the complex, rich soil beneath. Cardinals and robins will begin their quest searching for mates and gathering materials for their nests and their soon-to-be hatchlings.

And that…

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