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Healthy body starts with a healthy mind

By Emma Palova

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Lowell, MI- I am looking forward to a healthy new year 2017 that begins with us. It’s not about what 2017 has in store for us, but what we have in store for 2017.

Physical health starts with a healthy mind of having a positive outlook on each day ahead of us. Even though 2016 is gone, we draw on its strengths, not weaknesses. We let the past powerful moments carry us forward, no matter how low or high they were.

We transform them into a new physical, emotional and spiritual entity. With a healthy mind we can tackle anything. A sick mind produces a sick body, and vice versa.


Healing curcuma

Healing and overall wellness can come in many forms, and from many different directions. I’ve learned to recognize these seemingly insignificant directions. The body talks in different languages, and they are not just pain, stress and insomnia.

It’s that deep gut feeling inside that is telling us that something is wrong in this system, called a human being.

If we don’t learn to recognize these signs, our physical and mental worlds will collapse in unison. That has happened to me in 2016.

Unlike in years previous, my major goal or new year’s resolution 2017 is not some kind of a crazy diet and/or new exercise program that will help me shed x-amount of pounds.

My major goal is to adopt a lifestyle that I can live with without feeling constantly deprived of things.

Elin yoga 2 fun.jpg

Yoga on the beach with Elin

I don’t think Dr. Oz’s “one day off” diet will cut it or entering some kind of a game where you win money, if you lose that certain amount of body mass. I guess you bet against the percentage of weight you lose.

“Money is not a good motivator to lose weight,” I said recently in one of my powerful self-motivating speeches to my husband. “You can win the bet, but the weight loss will stop with the victory.”

Of course, some victories are mostly in our minds, just ask the “Slither” players. According to the experts, the mind cannot distinguish between real success and a perceived or fake one.

“You have a problem if victory in a game is your only success,” said an expert on “Slither.”

Let’s not get eaten by the game worm.

Cheers to a healthy new year 2017.

Love always,


Written also in response to Daily Post prompt “Gone.”


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The old-fashioned beauty of hydrangeas cannot be substituted.

The old-fashioned beauty of hydrangeas cannot be substituted.

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“Hello youngster,” greeted me Dr.Verdier during evaluation last month.

“You’re the youngest person in here,” said the anesthesiologist later in the surgery room.

“Yes, everything is relative in this world,” I said.

I am looking forward to sharing our team experiences that may help all.

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