Happy New Year 2019

Welcome 2019, farewell 2018

Let it be a good and healthy one with strong focus on the present moment energy.

Leaving the past behind, I move forward faster. All the emotional baggage is gone. It dissipated with yesterday’s snow.

My focus in 2019:

I want to live a wholesome balanced life, filled with the now and the new.

I will continue to meditate daily with yoga practice. I will continue with Spanish classes.

To keep me on track physically, I use the app Lose It. It calculates my daily calorie intake.

I am also a personal trainer for my husband. It keeps us both on track.

I start the morning with Greek yogurt, rolled oats and fresh fruits. Yogurt contains probiotics that help get rid of visceral fat around the belly.

Other visceral fat dissolvers include: artichokes, salmon, broccoli.

I leave lunch open to all possibilities; from salads to soups. No bread please.

For dinner we have fish or chicken with vegetables as a side.

I cook everything on olive oil, and use only lite dressings.

I try to get carbohydrates from veggies only. I eliminate pasta, bread or potatoes. I use rice and ancient grains like quinoa as sides in small amounts.

My favorite spices are oregano, basil and turmeric.

I drink tea and kombucha.

These are the basics of Mediterranean diet and cuisine.

It works for a lifetime not just through January.


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