A Vacation Away From Anxiety

Thank you for sharing this enlightening info.
I find these tips how to fight anxiety very useful. I can add a few anxiety hacks of my own:
Yoga and meditation
Be or act oblivious to other people’s attitudes that do not reflect your own beliefs, yet be open to constant improvement and growth.
Set your expectations at a manageable level.
I find writing a very effective method against anxiety.

Predestined Journey

Anxiety is an energy we can all relate to in some form of fashion. Even if you haven’t been medically diagnosed with anxiety there’s a chance you could have Woman Standing On Beachsome sort of ties with this energy. The reason anxiety has such a strong hold on our society is because we’ve fixed ourselves to believe it takes medical treatment to rid this energy. However as divine human beings we have the ability to control anxiety. Anxiety has caused depression, lack of motivation in the generations, oppression, and has also led to the thought and act of self harm and suicide. In this segment I’m going to teach you a few anxiety hacks and assist you on your journey to that vacation away from anxiety.

perception3My Perception. . .

I tend to visualize anxiety as that feeling you get right before the big drop on a roller coaster. If you’ve ever ridden…

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