Good news spreads fast

Hello to all,

I have probably the best news in a long time since I established the Emma Blogs, LLC last year in July. Prior to that I connected my EW blog into the Gatehouse Media, a 15-million reader market.

Now, again in July I found out about a great platform for women bloggers from a Monday’s post by Michelle W. “Heading to BlogHer ’15, so are we.”

See link:

Well I checked out BlogHer and found a perfect fit for my Emma Blogs,LLC. Under the umbrella of, the platform has a social media reach of 100 million women across the country, that is one third of the USA population. Wow, I could not believe the great content, the great women. It was just an overall positive vibe.

Emma Blogs are now a part of the BlogHer network.

Emma Blogs are now a part of the BlogHer network.

So, I submitted two posts, Coach Leigh Ann Dickey inspires and Women Inspired. Both were already published. Of those, I submitted Coach Leigh Ann Dickey for paid syndication. I already connected with a fellow blogher Cheryl Stober who is attending the #BlogHer15 conference in New York City.

I am awaiting for my blogs to get verified for the influencers publishers network on sheknowsmedia and for syndication.

I am so incredibly happy that I will be able to share my stories with more women and men as well through the network. Now, more than ever syndication is extremely important for all of us to get our stories, photos and videos out in front of the greater public.

I am grateful to WordPress for teaching me the ropes, to Michelle for letting us know about the #BlogHer15 conference. And even though I cannot go, I am with them already in my heart and in my soul.

My other accomplishment just today is that I finally got a grasp on e-mail marketing. I finished the July newsletter for a client CJ Aunt Jarmilka’s Desserts on

I consider that to be a major accomplishment due to a masterclass on e-mail marketing on Learn to Blog. I designed the newsletter on MailChimp. It had a recipe for a Czech summer time favorite-fruit dumplings, a 25 percent of coupon and a link to a subscription form on MailChimp plus social cards.

To join our mailing list go to:

Stay tuned for more information and stories.

Thanks for being a part of all this.



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