A bow to technology

Check out this 3D image of baby Pala.


Parents get a 3D glimpse of baby boy

By Emma Palova and Maranda Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

I marvel at the strides the technology has made since my first-born child Emma in 1979.  With no ultrasound yet available, we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the baby. We had no idea what it was going to be. I really didn’t even have names ready. Finally, I decided if it’s a girl, her name will be Emma.

“Mom, you have a girl,” the doctor said leaning over me.

I was overwhelmed with joy and surprise. And now the family saga continues with the next generation.

My son Jake with wife Maranda Palova have already enjoyed a 3D peek at their son. Maranda is in the eighth month of pregnancy.

3D baby Pala 3D baby Pala

Maranda Palova’s account of the 3D experience

Getting a 3D ultrasound is a luxury; I never had the opportunity with my…

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