Healthy Corner

Author of “Creating a Healthy Corner” becomes a columnist for Emma Blogs LLC

Betty Dickinson of Ionia is a long time columnist of Healthy Corner for the Ionia Sentinel-Standard. Dickinson is now a columnist for Emma Blogs LLC electronic sites.

I hope you will enjoy her column as much as I do. Dickinson is dedicated to healthy organic living. She published her book “Creating a Healthy Corner” seven years ago and she enjoys a great following.

Creating a Healthy Corner


Columnist Betty Dickinson

Columnist Betty Dickinson

Betty Dickinson

Due to the response in my weekly column in our local newspaper, the Ionia County Sentinel Standard, and our church newsletter I feel inclined to reach out further to give ways to simple inexpensive and natural ways of healing and caring for ourselves. About 8 years ago I started writing articles and recipes for our church newsletter, in fact, the church secretary at that time, Belinda Choate, named these articles “Healthy Corner” and this title continued in the newspaper and now with this book. With many questions and much encouragement from these articles and helping people there are many requests for this book for reference purposes.

It is my hope that “Healthy Corner” will serve this purpose for family, friends, readers, and certainly myself. Do not let this interfere with your medical care or medicines that you may be using. Consult your doctor before you change your medicines, diet, exercise, or whatever is mentioned in this book.

Creating a Healthy Corner by Betty Dickinson of Ionia

Creating a Healthy Corner by Betty Dickinson of Ionia

No, I do not profess to being a good writer, no degrees, no license, just experience, observation, much research, reading, studying and caring about people. As I became older and approached this change in my life in many areas I felt challenged to share with others as my health and vitality increased.  It is worth all the times spent writing and sharing these articles when someone often says, “This has helped me so much”. Or, they explain how they have helped themselves or someone, which I am always willing to share with readers. Who enjoys being sick, not feeling ambitious, and being a “pack “ of nerves? Not me, after many years of feeling like this I decided that I wanted something better. This is when that I started asking questions, studying, and reading everything that was available.

At the age of 37 with arthritis, a broken tailbone, decaying teeth, sinus and allergies, fighting colds, step throat, and flu continuously, signs of MS, acne, dandruff, body odor, tiredness-no energy, back problems, high pretension, nervousness, and over-weight problems I decided that there must be something better to do for myself than running from doctor to doctor. Nothing against doctors, but I definitely was not feeling better, because I had many reactions from the medicines and prescriptions as the medicines only added to my problems. This is when I  resorted to “better eating habits,” learning to relax, herbs, fresh pressed juices, and taking vitamins. I was desperate! That why that sugar and white flour products were avoided and natural and organic foods and eating less meat were implemented into my diet. No, this did not happen overnight, but when witnessing the benefits, physically and mentally, this change progressed. It was great to feel better in many ways.

Because I was desperate for organic and homegrown foods my garden was started small and grew each year to various varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and beneficial “weeds”.  Besides the good foods cultivated from the garden much was gained emotionally, mentally, and physically out in the solitude of sunshine and fresh country air. It is like time with the Lord when looking at all those natural and organic foods growing that he supplied. Several family members and friends has witnessed  me chewing on dill, dandelion, and raspberry leaves, purslane and other herbs when out in my garden or yard. Many herbs, plants, and trees have been shared with me and in turn I have shared with many family and friends.  Many people have become gardeners through this sharing of ideas and growing processes. All six of our grandchildren have also spent and ate

several vegetables (wiping the dirt off a carrot and enjoying how sweet a fresh carrot tastes freshly dug), herbs, and fruits out in my garden. This is all grown without sprays, herbicides, and commercial products. Manure from our goats and chickens is used in the fall and a rainwater tea is made in growing season to add to a healthy garden.

To sustain proper health, energy, strength, and mental stability we need to take proper care of our bodies through proper nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. I believe our bodies are capable of healing itself if given the proper nutrition and a life style that the Lord has provided for us. Our bodies are kept strong through good nutrition that helps keep our immune system healthy to resist disease and illness that is prevalent in our society. Learn to listen to your body and use foods, herbs, relaxation, and natural ways to treat and keep healthy. Yes, I believe in vitamins, but my first choice is “good foods” from a balanced diet and herbs. A chart with helpful information in this respect is listed in this book. In some instances extra supplements of vitamins are needed to correct special health conditions or needs, but usually a balanced diet of correct foods will be sufficient. God has provided an abundant supply, but what has man done to this supply–replaced it with chemically treated and refined foods to make more money, increase yields, and processes to make the product more appealing and tasteful for selling. People are inclined to believe everything advertised ( I’ll admit they really have some cute and eye-catching ads) whether it is good for them or not. The vitamins and minerals are destroyed in prepared foods.

Many interested people have provided questions and articles for these seven years in the local newspaper. Thanks to our family and friends for all the materials, books, and information they have supplied. Also, for everyone expressions of interest. Our youngest daughter, Carol,  for her help in editing and typing of my first articles. Finally one day our family brought used pieces of their computers, set it up, and insisted that I use a keyboard and printer, of course, with their help and many friends. What a blessing! It made my articles much easier than typing on a manual typewriter and corrections and additions could be done with ease.

Thanks to Emma Palova and Val Gaus, plus the entire staff  from the Ionia Sentinel Standard for their interest in a healthy section in their paper and also their patrons questions. And, finally in construction of Healthy Corner, there are many to thank for their many hours of work on arrangement and proofreading, but especially,  Judy Kalmanek and Carol Blundy for their endless hours of work and patience.

My hope is that you readers can gain much from Healthy Corner in many ways for added health and simple care ideas in many areas. This book has a variety of many inexpensive ways, without major side effects of treating, recipes, using herbs, useful hints, and much more that can be used by every reader.

As you refer to this book for simple ways to help yourself naturally may it add much to your health and life!

Copyright (c) 2014 Emma Blogs LLC

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